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TRACK OF THE WEEK: Papa G and The Starcats – Manipulation (Live)

Papa G and The Starcats - Manipulation (Live)

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Papa G and The Starcats – Manipulation (Live)

When you go to see a band live you don’t usually expect to see ten peeps partying on stage, or the resulting wall of sound that smacks you in the face like sneaking a shot of vodka into your morning latte.

Enter Papa G and The Starcats, a collective of talented young musicians and fuzzy haired go-getters who are merging funk, soul and sex together and ticking boxes throughout the Melbourne music scene in the process.

‘Manipulation’ is the opening track from The Starcats’ new live album, and with fast paced bass & guitar lines and an equally juicy horn section (saxophones aplenty = me likey) behind Amber Ferarro’s commanding vocals, this group has the layers of sound and soul needed to fill you up with nutritious musical goodness.

The project was recorded all in one night at The Gasometer, and due to the challenges associated with nailing live performances many bands don’t dare to take on a live album full stop. It goes to show the ambition of Giorgio Theodoropolous (Papa G for short, I know it’s a mouthful) and the group’s musicality as a whole – there are no weak points and it’s incredibly tight, which for funk music goes a long way towards achieving perfection. It’s no wonder they’ve been packing out shows ever since their debut EP ‘Smooth Lovin’ dropped earlier this year, and they’ve come a long way in such a short time frame to get to where they are now – they’ve played festivals, have a catchy music video and have topped the Triple J Unearthed charts. Not bad Mr. Burgundy, not bad at all.

Papa G and The Starcats are playing one last show to cap off their breakout year on the 22nd of October at The Toff – for a Thursday night that looks like turning into a Rooftop Bar & Revolver session for all involved, so get along for some great live music and see me write off my Friday in the process.

To find more about the Papa G and The Starcats, check them out here.

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