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ESESE – Wonderland


SOUNDS LIKE – REMI, Chet Faker, DJ Cam Quartet

Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Experience, wow. Their name may look like a mouthful but make no mistake, this new beat ‘Wonderland’ is so smooth it’ll melt in your mouth. Or ears. Definitely one of those.

Headlined by the rhymes of Hancoq and the clean vocals of tenor Hudson James Jr., this collective of young musicians and producers showcase some remarkable individual talent and group cohesion.

The electronic rhythm and bass are tight, always in sync with the jazz-infused horn lines, with the thick chord tones of the keyboards filling out the space while leaving something to the imagination. The instrumental version of this song would no doubt sound like something of a modern-day jazz ensemble, and as if to prove this ‘Wonderland’ fades out to an acoustic chorus that even features a little jazz flute solo for the ladies.

Expect to be hearing a lot of ESESE in years to come – I’ve heard their form live is cracking to say the least, so if you want to see a great show before they become famous enough to start charging more than a couple of peanuts for a ticket I’d suggest checking them out.

Leo Hurley


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