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RÜFÜS – You Were Right



SOUNDS LIKE: Goldroom, Darius, Cherokee

With their trademark earthy electronic sounds layered on top of some solid baselines and a cheeky shaker, RÜFÜS’ new track will have you humming and tapping along in no time.

There are stacks of electronica artists today who produce either ‘dance-dance-dance’ tunes or get stuck in the rut of chilled-out bottomless waffle, but what makes RÜFÜS’ sound so refreshing is how they manage to find a compromise between these two styles. It makes putting a label or genre on the hypnotic vibe they create enjoyably difficult.

Nothing is overpowering: Tyrone’s smooth vocals sit comfortably in a mid-range that most guys could sing along to when they’re alone, while the beautifully understated percussion drives the melody forwards from one pulsing verse to another. You don’t need to blast this track loud to really enjoy it. And that’s pretty tasty.

Leo Hurley


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