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The Activewear debate – yay or nay?

Activewear - definitely yay, but within reason...

The Activewear debate – yay or nay?

A new year means new beginnings. Which means going to the gym, burning off that excess Christmas fat, and just generally trying to look hot again.

But what else does gym season mean?

Activewear. Activewear everywhere.

We’ve all seen the genius activewear parody from the Van Vuerren Bros, and let’s be honest we were all spewing ourselves because of how fucking true it actually is.

Going grocery shopping in your activewear? Yep. Getting brunch in your activewear? You bet.

It seems the ‘athleisure’ trend cannot be escaped – it’s literally everywhere you go, and fashion big guns like Lorna Jane and Lululemon are rolling in piles of money because of it.

While some of us think athleisure has gone way too far (as fashion often does), it doesn’t seem like this ridiculous trend will go away anytime soon.

So what do you do if you can’t beat ’em? Join ‘em.

Just for the love of God, please be smart about wearing it. The golden rule is this: wear them when you are actually going to be active.

To help all you fitness noobies out, here are our suggestions of where activewear is best appropriate:


Really? The gym? Who would have thought! This is an obvious one (duh), but it’s baffling how many people only buy activewear for the sake of having activewear. Honey, that’s not how it works – activewear is specifically designed for intense purposes like that one handed tree yoga pose (read: impossible) or #legday. As for sporting marathons, well…that’s obvious too.


We’re all absolute animals during these times, with our morals about social decorum thrown out the window. It’s basically Hunger Games but minimal bloodshed. So the last thing you should be wearing are those louboutin heels you’ve been saving for a special occasion (unless you plan to stab someone’s eye out because the sales are that good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

That’s it – those are the best places to wear them. So people, get your facts straight and happy activewearing!


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