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#SneakerFeature August Edition

#SneakerFeature August Edition

We are back once again with another instalment of SneakerFeature and this issue is shaping up to be huge! Big name shoe brands are pushing new and contemporary sneakers out to the public in order to claim your feet this winter. The upcoming sneakers released throughout late July and August are looking unreal and I’m stoked to be able to fill you in on where to secure yourself a pair of the tastiest of kicks. If you want to stay ahead of the shoe game this August and not stand in lines for hours on end in the cold make sure you read this article for all the inside information.


  1. Asics Gel-Lyte III White/White (Birthday Dinner)

Release date: 25/07/2015

Price: $196 AUD

Purchase from: Any good online sneaker store eg. Atmos, Titolo, Overkill and many more.

white (800x200)

A couple of years ago if you asked me if I would ever wear all white sneakers I would of laughed in your face. To me all white sneakers were for old ladies or for people who had little to no fashion sense. All white sneakers also meant constant worrying about getting them dirty or some knob standing on your foot while riding a packed train.

Nowadays it is hard to walk down the street and not see someone rocking a mean pair of triple white Nike Air Huaraches or an all white pair of Adidas Stan Smiths. Although I initially never saw the appeal in all white sneakers, my mind has taken a complete 180 and I’m now all for them. So much so that last month I copped myself a very technical pair of ATMOS x Reebok InstaPump Fury “Triple White”.

As I’ve said previously, triple white is killing it right now. This is why it comes at no surprise that Asics’s have gone down this path once again. Teaming up with Atmos for their 25th anniversary they have managed to produce what may be one of the simplest collaborations of all time. I can only imagine the designers from both Asics and Atmos sitting in a room asking each other what is the minimal they can do to produce a sneaker that will sell. After what I can only assume were many hours coupled with copious amounts of drugs they came up the “Birthday Dinner” colour way.

To the untrained eye you would think this is just a regular pair of white Gel-Lyte III’s and are no doubt asking why you would purchase these sneakers for there proposed price tag. Why not just cop the regular Asics Gel-Lyte III’s for around $90? Would anyone even notice? The answer is probably not. This is why this sneaker is no doubt geared to the die hard (great flick/s) sneaker fans that would pick up on the minuscule details and features.

One feature that sneakers fans will pick up on is the material that has been used to create this shoe. For this sneaker Asics have scrapped their stock materials and upgraded to micro perforated leather that wraps around the shoe lining. This design provides the shoe with more structure and higher level of durability. It allows for the shoe to breathe, a necessity that many sneakers unfortunately do not feature. The rest of the sneaker is finished off with clean white laces and a white midsole.

The most visible feature that separates this shoe from its almost identical twin is a metallic “ATMOS” logo located on the back of the heel. How the teams at Asics and Atmos came up with this is beyond me. It is hard to even start to comprehend the multiple hours and work that would of gone in to coming up with this idea of placing the name of the collaboration on the heel.

All jokes aside, this shoe is definitely worth checking out if not purchasing. From experience Gel-Lyte III’s fit true to size and are super comfy. Like any leather based shoe I would always recommended applying some type of shoe protector and avoid wet conditions. These kicks are a limited release so keep a look out at selected Asics stores and online!



  1. Nike Air Presto “Unholy Cumulus” (White/Skylight-Poppy)

Release date: 25/07/2015

Price: $164

Purchase from: Select Nike Sportswear stores, Solebox, FootPatrol.



Presto fans brace yourself for another exciting release! Life just seems to keep on getting better with the “Brutal Honey” and “Lighting” colour ways dropping last month. Nike has turned back time and returned to some of their original presto colour ways. The “Unholy Cumulus” was first released back in 2000 and Nike felt it was only fitting for this OG sneaker to make its return. These shoes were actually one of the first kicks to receive a nickname from Nike, reinstating the legendary status behind the “Unholy Cumulus”.

These sneakers feature a soft blue colour way that creates a sense of tranquillity all over despite radiating immense heat. The white upper mesh allows for the shoe to be not only lightweight but also versatile in hot conditions due to is ability to breathe well. The “Unholy Cumulus” distinctive rubber cage is a semi-transparent light blue with a killer poppy coloured tick and accents along the shoes midsole. This shoe is finished off with a soft blue rubber toe guard.

The “Unholy Cumulus” is a limited release so getting your hands on these will not be easy. If you don’t cop them from selected Nike Sportswear stores or premium boutique such as Solebox, your best chance to secure a pair is online. If anything, these shoes will feel as good on your feet as it does to say “Unholy Cumulus”.

Unlike a conventional US, UK or EUR sizing, the Presto’s use a XXS-XL in a unisex system. Below is a sizing guideline to follow when purchasing a pair of Presto’s:

XXS: 6-7  XS: 7-8  S: 8-9  M: 9-10  L: 10-11  XL: 11-12 XXL: 12-13

For more information on the OG Nike Air Prestos colour ways and names watch this link:



  1. Adidas Consortium Superstar 80’s Primeknit

Release date: 01/08/2015

Price: $192

Purchase from: Hanon, EndClothing, Size?, SoleSupplier and many more.



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… a young padawan in year 7 bought his first pair of Adidas Superstars. The trademark white sneakers, with there three distinctive black lines ruled recess and many games of throw the apple on the road. Believe it or not that young man later grew up to be me. That’s why its brings me great excitement to announce that Adidas classic Superstar 80’s are getting the Primeknit treatment for a lightweight, contemporary take on the old school shell toes. This release comes after Adidas celebrated the 35th anniversary of an original 1980’s classic. This was most notably seen not so long ago when Adidas created a Primeknit version of ever so popular Stan Smith’s.

After many collaborations throughout 2015 and bold innovative colour ways, Adidas have made the move to revitalize the Superstars. With their Primekinit upper, these shoes are ideal for warm conditions allowing the sneaker to breathe unbelievably well. This shoe also features a rubber shell toe, matching white midsole and contrasting accents throughout the heel. The Adidas Consortium Superstar 80s Primeknit is set to come out in two aesthetic colour ways, black and white, paying homage to the game changing originals. If you were ever in doubt about how OG these sneakers were, the tongue of each shoe is finished off with OG gold detailing.

Luckily these shoes are not a limited release, meaning that securing yourself a pair should be relatively straightforward. Keep an eye out for when they drop to ensure you are one of the first in Melbourne rocking these vintage yet legendary shoes!


  1. Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy”/ “What the”

Release date: 06/08/2015

Price: $234

Purchase from: Select Nike Sportswear stores, Solebox, FootPatrol, Overkill, SoleSupplier, EndClothing, Size? and many more.



Continuing their dominance in the sneaker game, Nike has produced yet another 95 shoe for the ages. Over the past couple of months we have seen new colour way after colour way and there is just no telling where or when for that matter it will end. Most noticeably Nike released their Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard in mid July, a sneaker that combined conventional dark tones to vibrant bright colours. This time Nike have combined four of their OG colours to produce a pair of sneakers that feature different colour ways on either shoe. For some this may be an instant no go, as two slightly different sneakers will trigger the deepest of sneaker OCD but for me personally I could definitely rock these.

Sticking to Nike Air Max 95 protocol this shoe features both a combination of suede and mesh throughout. The left shoe merges “Safety Orange” and “Aqua/Grape” colour ways, while the right pair mixes “Neon Yellow” and “Hot Red”. Nike has incorporated completely black midsole featuring reflective accents. Not only does the blacked out midsole look unreal it acts as a method of covering up dirt, not that you would ever deliberately get these sneakers dirty. From experience I can vouch that 95’s are some of the most comfortable sneakers due to the secure lockdown Max Air units in the heel and forefoot for maximum impact protection. It also has a rubber outsole with a waffle pattern for traction and durability. Word on the street has also says that’s these kicks will be packaged in an OG inspired box.

For some sneaker fans the Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy” is seen as a lazy attempt by Nike to push another shoe out to the market by reusing previous colour ways and mashing them all together. For others the prospect of rocking 4 colour ways on one pair of sneakers is quite arousing. As I’ve stated before I’m not huge on neon colours but there is something mystical about these shoes that definitely appeals to me. Is it the fact that both left and right shoe are slightly different? Or is it with the fact that this shoe pops in all the right ways? Regardless the Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy” has me not thinking twice about neglecting basic necessities in my life and spending what little money I have to my name on a pair. It is also insane to think that 95’s have been killing for the majority of my life and I can only hope one day when I have kids that 95’s are still dominating the game.

These kicks will be available at selected Nike Sportswear stores and premium boutiques throughout Melbourne. If you don’t score a pair there, you should have no trouble finding them online. Make sure you cop a pair in your size for eternal style comfort!

Ben Tsenre


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