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O-Week from a 5th year

What is O-Week, really?

O-Week from a 5th year

Alright so your summer bender is over, and the time’s come to start facing reality again. Good news is, it actually hasn’t; o-week is where the bender continues.

Here’s a few you should definitely do on o-week.


1. Sign up to a camp

As nerdy as they sound, camp’s are notoriously notorious for plenty of booze and nudity. You’ll make a bunch of friends of friends at the time, and you might even remember some. Especially when they walk into the first lecture and you have a faint memory of grinding with them at the toga party but you’re both not sure if it actually happened or you’re just imagining it so you avoid making eye contact. Camps: thumbs up.




2. Free food

There’s a shitload of clubs trying to get you to sign up. Clubs have to hit a certain amount of people so they get funding from the University. In a classic case of chicken or the egg, they’ll therefore go out and spend a bunch of money to make sure you show up to their stall and sign up. The best way to entice a fresher over to some boring stall is of course with food.




3. Pub Crawls

It’s starts with a couple of casual ale’s on campus getting to know a few new people. Nek minnut you’re in the middle of a crowd lead by wasted third years walking down the middle of the road to only the second pub of six planned, and you’re quite sure you won’t make. Filled with boat races, jug skulls, and the coin game, pub crawls are another great way to spice up o-week.

why walk?



4. Get to know the committee

Being on a committee at uni can actually be a bit of fun. It’s pretty much a resume booster and all you have to do is meet up with a bunch of friends to plan stuff every now and then, and score free tickets to events. Not a bad a gig. And the best way to get on a committee is to get to know them 😉



There you have it folks, a few things you can do at O-week to SECURE YOUR FUTURE.

Now you know what really happens, checking out the websites is kinda funny:

Melbourne Uni




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