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Nine types of exam procrastination

Nine types of exam procrastination

With exams and major assignments just around the corner there’s no doubt that us students will find as many ways as possible to avoid preparing for them. We are all guilty of setting out to smash a 2000 word essay and accidently tripping over on the way to your desk, landing on the couch, faced with no real option but to watch the TV screen in front of us. Procrastination is a special way of maintaining our student-to-student connection, so why not share our favourite ways to procrastinate?


  1. The obvious: Make a List

The best way to commence procrastination is to write down everything that needs to be done. This gets us feeling somewhat organized… and we will stretch out the list with irrelevant tasks for as long as possible, to avoid doing the relevant tasks at hand.


  1. Procrasti-bake

Even if you’re not much of a chef, the idea of cooking up a storm instead of writing that essay will often be a winning thought. Your inner Matt Preston will possess your body and you will be willing to try to whip up anything you put your mind to. Push yourself to the limit. Make a soufflé.


  1. Eat

Naturally after cooking, comes eating. Even if there’s no food in your house, you will lurk past the pantry at least twenty times until you find something borderline appealing (Or just settle for the dry biscuits you saw initially and pretend they’re finger licking good). There’s no telling what concoction you can deliver in depths of desperation. Even though you’re not hungry, you’re hungry for an excuse not to study. Us students will eat the kitchen table if it can buy us some time before having to hit the books.


  1. Start a TV series

Got an exam this week? What better time to start all those new TV shows you’ve been meaning to watch? Better yet, download some movies too and start power watching to keep your mind off the tough times ahead!


  1. Online shopping

The ultimate time killer. Speaking from experience, it is all too easy to get swept up into an endless chain of online shopping. Not that we can really afford anything, since we’re students and all, but hey a girl(or guy) can dream! Stock up your cart and hope that one day, perhaps at the end of the semester you can afford to check out.


  1. Pets

There’s no doubt we all love our pets, but every now and then we can leave them feeling neglected. Exam period is not this time. Your pet has never looked so appealing, sprawled out on the floor. Go give your cat, dog, rabbit, turtle or whatever companion you treasure the attention they deserve!


  1. Getting lost in social media arguments

We’re all guilty of it. Bored out of our mind, we somehow find ourselves looking at pictures of cats with the comments including a heated debate about whether or not Kim Kardashian has butt implants. It doesn’t make much sense, but the very joy of watching key-board warriors take to battle is thoroughly entertaining.


  1. Clean your room

You’ve been meaning to do it for weeks and suddenly with that 3 part assignment staring you down, you realise there’s no better time like the present to clean your room. You may even go beyond your own known boundaries and even vacuum the floor or colour co-ordinate your clothes.


  1. Take a nap

Sometimes we just need to sleep it off. IT’S NAP TIME.


Seriously though, if you’re reading this as a means of procrastination, whilst smiling and nodding in shame… GO GET TO WORK!



Image: Patrick Mayon, Flickr Creative Commons

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