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NAFASI – Window


SOUNDS LIKE – Alpine, Ryan Hemsworth, Little Dragon

This is music made for sinking beers in the bath with your fully clothed mates. And if you can’t imagine enjoying that during uni holidays you need to loosen up a bit. Shut your eyes and tune in to this psychedelic groove and you’ll probably forget something really important.

For me this tune is driven by how in sync everyone is with Tim Cox’s solid work on drums. You can’t sound loose as group without first being tight, and I can’t find a snippet of this track where these guys don’t well and truly have their shit together. Coasting from dreamy synth hits to crispy bass and guitar counter-melodies that echo behind Phoebe Webster’s vocals with ease, ‘Window’ keeps it downtempo and simple, at times feeling like it might take off but never reaching beyond its limits.

The future of music for me lies with those who can source ideas from a collective of genres and scrunch them all together in their own special way. Like blind people making origami it might end up look like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but unlike blind people making origami you also know that these guys know exactly what they’re doing. NAFASI have taken a great swing at it with ‘Window’ and luckily this song will be featuring on their upcoming EP.

Leo Hurley


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