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Girls on Film Festival – Jufl’s Top 3 Picks

Movies. Parties. Feminism.

Girls on Film Festival – Jufl’s Top 3 Picks

Girls on Film Festival is a feminism extravaganza screening nonstop gal power gems this weekend in Brunswick East and, as promised, the 2015 program is a seriously respectable array from which to choose. We’ve helped you out and discerned our own top 3 – don’t miss these stellar picks! Needless to say, they all pass the Bechdel Test with flying colours.

Where: Cretan House, 150 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East

When: Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th October

Why: Movies. Parties. Feminism.


#1 – A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Ana Lily Amirpour ~ 2014 ~ Horror

A delightful cross genre bonanza, this American horror romance has been described as “the first Iranian vampire Western”, in which the troubled, sinful souls of Iranian ghost town ‘Bad City’ are unknowingly stalked by a lonesome vampire who will gladly feast upon them all. This moody, atmospheric film was selected for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and praised for its feminist themes.

Screening Saturday, 24th October @ 7:30pm


#2 – Princess Mononoke


Hayao Miyazaki ~ 1997 ~ Anime/Fantasy

Princess Mononoke is the ultimate anime epic historical fantasy adventure, and one of Studio Ghibli’s classics, set in the late Muromachi period (approx. 1336-1573) with a little dash of fantasy. As Studio Ghibli reaches its 30th anniversary, we are reminded with grateful admiration of the service it has rendered the world with its unique, powerful stories. If you are yet to splendour at one of Miyazaki’s animation features (for whatever unpardonable reason), this is place to start. Think giant talking wolves, magical elks, surreal night walking deer gods, environmentalism, some seriously dark magic and gal power.

Screening Saturday, 24th October @10:30am


#3 – Thelma & Louise

Ridley Scott ~ 1991 ~ Drama1465_040406

Because if you haven’t seen this movie, you really have to. You’ve all heard of it. Outlaws, bandits, cars, dizzying Midwest scenery, feminist uprising and Brad Pitt; what more could you ask for? Scott at his finest, ladiez at their fiercest.

Screening Sunday, 25th October @ 7pm 

And just ooone more of those stills for good measure.



Check out the full program and buy tickets here:

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