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Get laid on Tinder – REAL RESEARCH

Get laid on Tinder – REAL RESEARCH


Melbourne University Students produce Tinder research paper… We’ve got the results!


If you’re single and own a smartphone, chances are you’ve given Tinder a crack. And if you were one of the many trying to get laid as a result, read on…

We’ve got SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH on the factors that influence your chances of getting lucky on Tinder. A gun group of Melbourne University commerce students have published a 15-page research paper on Tinder usage and the results may surprise you.

Thanks to these jets we are able to present months of complicated econometrics models, research and testing in one short article. God bless their brains.



Do the following!

1. Travelling

Going travelling soon? Re download Tinder! The study shows that users who use Tinder while travelling increase their chance of having sex by 11.7%!


2. Smaller distance range

Have you maxed your distance range out just in case you get a match 160km away? Don’t bother. The research tells us that having a smaller distance range actually makes you more likely to get lucky. This actually makes sense – put the hard yards into your matches nearby rather than trying to get more matches than your friends. Quality over quantity people! This is obviously limited, as setting your distance to 0km’s may hinder your chances…


3. Older

Okay so unless you can bend time, you can’t do much about this one. BUT, it is good news for those who’ve got a few extra years under their belt. According to the paper, each year you increase in age increases your chance of getting laid! Getting old might not be such a bad thing after all. I wonder if changing your facebook birth date would work… ?


4. Aim for the one-night stand

This one might seem obvious, but it’s a comforting piece of research. If you’re looking to pick up on Tinder, don’t go lying to yourself or others about trying to find love… Persist and you will succeed! The stats show that those aiming solely to engage in a one-night-stand are 13.1% more likely to get jiggy on Tinder than those that are on for other reasons. In saying this, 27% of respondents said they were looking for relationships on Tinder, so don’t be discouraged if that’s you, just expect to wait a bit longer for that sexual gratification!


Don’t worry about the following!

1. Mutual friends preferences

Do you check mutual friends before swiping? Don’t bother. The study tells us that our preferences towards having mutual friends with our matches doesn’t have a statistically significant effect on our chance of getting laid. Maybe you’re checking as a bit of a conversation starter? Forget it, think of something else!


2. Sexual preference

The study hypothesised that there could be some differences depending whether people had the preference of having sex with someone from the same-sex, opposite-sex or indifferent. Well, rest assured, no matter what your sexual preference it won’t affect your chance of getting laid on tinder!


3. Appearance

While 64.1% of the users said appearance was the biggest factor influencing their likelihood of having sex with someone, the results show that the actual effect of appearance in having sex wasn’t significant. What?? Maybe we should spend less time getting fit and posting selfies and more time working on our jokes!


4. Swipe-rate

“Our study found that swiping right in high volumes is statistically insignificant in increasing users’ likelihood of having sex.”

There you have it.



Definitely don’t do the following!

Higher usage

Surpisingly, people who are online more than once a week were found to “have a significantly lesser chance of having sex with someone from Tinder.” Weird… Looks like it’s time to play hard-to-get!

NOTE: If you are travelling, this does not apply! There is a specific statistic in the paper that the usage results only apply to those not travelling. So if you’re abroad, feel free to jump online as much as you like!


Happy Tindering, may the research be with you.


Big thanks to the students who let Jufl read their research paper and post a summary of the results for the greater good of all!

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