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What is the CSS?

What is the CSS?

O-week is coming to a close, and if you’re a first year, you’ve probably signed up to a bunch of clubs. I thought it’d be fitting to talk to an ex-president of one of the largest and oldest clubs at UniMelb – the Commerce Students Society.

Interview with Sam Steiner, 2015 President of the CSS.

What is Comm Camp all about? Do you have any stories?

Camp is a stupid combination of bonding and genuine friendships being created, with excessive everything, mostly drinking shit beer and playing drinking games that are only sensible when the local cop station is 50 kilometres away. I don’t know what the best stories are because of that, is it the two people who met on comm camp and are still in a relationship over 3 years later, or is it the two people that met on comm camp and dinted someones car because getting it on on a Toyota is apparently what gets people freaky…

Another infamous CSS event is the Comm Ball. Again… stories?

In my first year I had 2 great friends on my table from High School. One had just been through a break up and was hitting the drinks pretty hard early on. This didn’t end well and he was in the bathroom pretty early. My other mate, being the selfless gem he is decided to take any drinks the other was having in conjunction with his own, you know, to make sure the other friend was ok. At the end of the night I see them both just face down on our table, completely out of it next to each other. Both adamantly say it was one of the best nights out they’ve had at Uni.

The CSS is quite an old club now, are there any legends or myths floating around?

Ok here’s 3:

  • The exact legendary finkal that we use to shotgun beers has literally been around for over 2 decades
  • Ian, the camp owner was actually on the CSS in 1969
  • There has been only 1 year where there was no internal hook ups on committee

I’ll leave it to you to figure out which ones are true.

You spend a lot of time with other committee members. What kind of relationships have you made?

CSS has given me some insanely good relationships. I’ve rekindled a friendship with someone I knew when I was 13, who is now one of my closest friends. I’ve gone on to travel with, date, play sport with and work with countless committee members who are now some of the most important people in my life.

Word is that being on committee is a huge resume booster, and you get plenty of perks at uni. Is this true?

Beer costs money. Usually;) It’s an awesome thing to talk about in interviews for sure. People are interested in what we do, in the teamwork side of things. Plus because you don’t hang around on committee unless you love it (it can be bloody hard work), so when you talk about it to someone else, you automatically are more invested in the conversation. That and people always want tickets to comm ball, and not only while they’re still at Uni.

Does being on the CSS give you mad props around uni?

Having people recognise you, come up to you and have a chat because they’ve seen you on committee is pretty awesome. I guess the CSS has a rep for being a very social committee, so people assume you’re a good bloke (lucky for me because I’m obviously a jackass). But you get to meet so many awesome people from all over the place, which is perfect. These are all people who chose to come study at Melbourne, to do commerce, so you always have more in common with them than you initially think. So being exposed to more of these kinds of people is never a bad thing.

Well there you have it folks. If you’re interested in signing up check out their Facebook page.

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