6 Types of Sports Fans in Melbourne

[fusion_text]1) Everyday fan This is the fan who says to Dad: “Did you see Carli Lloyd’s David Beckham-esk goal in the WWC Final yesterday!” They really don’t know a whole lot but tune in every night to see what Tony Jones has to say about the sport. (At least for you, Bec Judd didn’t reject you on a BBQ invitiation).[/fusion_text][fusion_text] 2) Fantasy fan We all have that one friend who preps themself for the weekend, after spending hours and hours during the week just fine tuning his AFL dream team. These are the kind of guys who watch the footy, and praise their player when he kicks a clanger out on the full, just to grab that cheeky 3 points. These people annoy me, yes I understand it’s a competition and you want to win, but I don’t need to hear about Jordan Lewis’ 32 touches, 7 mar...

Unbelievable Stats on Le Tour

Its that time of year again where 300,000+ Australians stay up till 2:00am to watch the worlds largest annual sporting event, Le Tour De France. For all unaware of just how big the event is we are here to share the stats and facts that will blow your mind. Overview Running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2015, the 102th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages, totalling up to 3,360km covered in that period with only 2 rest days. Within the three weeks riders will spend around 85 hours in the saddle with an average speed of 40.69 km/hr. The highest stage climbs to an altitude of 2645m or the equivalent of 8 Eiffel Towers. The teams There are 198 riders on the tour consisting of 22 teams. Each team has 9 riders, 4 coaches, 4 mechanics, 5 carers, 2 hospitality staff, 1 director...

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