Whippy Weekly: Game Week 15

  Chelsea 0 – 1 (Murray 82’) Bournemouth The quality of life really has continued to worsen over at Stamford Bridge, with another calamitous loss against league cellar-dweller’s Bournemouth forcing Jose Mourinho to admit that an attack on the top 4 may in fact be too difficult now. On paper, this game was merely the 14th and 18th placed league sides meeting in a tightly contested lower-end fixture, with Bournemouth grinding out a 1-0 victory. However… If one were to take a brief look at the financials, this is a team with a net worth of 542 million euros losing at home, being thoroughly frustrated over the course of 90 minutes, by a team newly-promoted, worth 59 million euros, the least valuable team in the EPL. To put that into perspective, “transfermarkt”, a reputable market v...

Whippy Weekly: Game Week 14

Leicester City 1 (Vardy 24’) – (Schweinsteiger 45’) 1 Manchester United Here’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d need to contemplate 14 weeks ago… In a top of the table clash, Leicester City faced off against Manchester United, with the Jamie Vardy hype train in a level of ‘full swing’ never seem before by the team in blue. Vardy’s 11th successive fixture scored in marked the rewriting of a Premier League record set in the 2003 season by United great Ruud Van Nistelrooy – the celebration of which from Vardy was emphatic, as he ran screaming toward the crowd, various lip-readers suggested varieties of “all mine, all f___ing mine” were being screeched by the former carbon-fibre factory worker. Team mate Christian Fuchs’ through ball assist was a thing of beauty, as the new signing indicated cent...

Whippy Weekly: Game Week 13

  Manchester City 1 (Aguero 44’) – 4 (Mangala 7’ (og), Coutinho 23’, Firmino 32’, Skrtel 81’) Liverpool During the respective transfer windows, or change of managers, there is often substantial talk regarding how a team “should” be capable of playing “on paper”. Such an assertion suggests that a team has a talented roster, but lacks a certain cohesiveness, fluidity or understanding during traditional phases of ball movement. The phases of movement that have improved markedly under Klopp include transitioning into defence high up the pitch, counterattacking play and particularly the manner in which Liverpool penetrate inside 25 yards. Mangala’s own goal was a poor attempt at a clearance following high Liverpool pressing and passing through the box, once Liverpool had a sniff, barring a...


After a week in which oil oligarch and billionaire club owner Roman Abramovich was goaded into confirming that Jose Mourinho did in fact have the total support of the club (see: 30 million pound firing clause), the lads in blue travelled to my favourite venue.


The Game Week 11 fixtures displayed why the English Premier League is so often a victim of hyperbole and journalistic ‘hype’, the sheer unpredictability of score lines that appear as some of the world’s most established, most recent and most aggressive talents face off tends to grip like a blockbuster script of sorts. Onward.

Whippy Weekly: Game Week 10

Hello loyal readership, I apologise for being a bit late to the party, welcome to the first of hopefully numerous weekly English Premier League “Review/Preview” editions.

It’s the People That Make Footy Clubs

Sometimes, it only takes people to change places. In the space of 12 months, someone changed UHSVU Colts Football Club from laughing stock to VAFA Premiers. That someone was Marcus Butera.

Footy Finals Preview

Fremantle: Finishing atop the AFL ladder proves Freo have been the best team all year, but their form of late has been less than convincing, with one win and three losses in the last month. Ross Lyon is a mastermind though, and if he can lose games and still finish first, he probably will. A lot of questions surround the Dockers’ finals journey: was it wise to rest half the team in the last round? Will Nat Fyfe be fit? Is their form on the decline or have they just been cruising at 75%? I still think they’re a massive chance, and will take a super performance from either Hawthorn, or their cross-town rivals West Coast, to beat them. Key player: Nat Fyfe Prediction: Preliminary final loss West Coast: Although finishing second, the Eagles are the real unknown of this year’s premiership race....

The 6 Footy Fans

1) Soccer fans If you’re in this group you would rather watch Manchester United play against Oldham athletic in the second round of the FA cup than a Showdown. You don’t have any idea about AFL, and you think Lin Jong is a Chinese card game. 2) Fair-weather supporter If your team is losing, nobody knows who you support, but as soon as they’re chalked up a win, you let everybody know that you’ve supported “your boys” since you were smaller than the goal-line review’s success rate. Melbourne fans are good at this; you won’t hear a peep out of them for 17 out of 23 rounds, but if they manage a rare win, suddenly your Facebook timeline is full of them!   3) Gambler You love a footy multi, complete with head-to-head, overs/unders, line betting, and first goal scorer. Brownlow night is the best ...

#Founded – Ep4 – Woodford SSC

Meet Christian, founder of Woodford SSC, the centre that optimises athletes for peak performance and takes their sporting abilities to the next level. He walks us through his business and gives an insight to what it’s like running a business and straight out of University. #Founded is a series that tells the story of Melbourne’s young Entrepreneurs and Founders. More and more young students are becoming interested in running their own business on the side of a University degree. Throughout this series we will introduce you to some of the students who have been successful in launching their own business or startup. Here you can find out exactly what it takes to run a business while still at Uni, and you’ll find out about new Melbourne businesses as a ...

5 Most Loved/Hated AFL Players

No matter who you support, there are certain AFL players you love, are in your Supercoach team every year, and you’d love to have at your club. There are also certain players that you hate, and you’d go to the footy just to hurl abuse at them from row A of the members stand. But who are the most loved and hated players in the comp? Love 5. Shane Mumford Even with a chest bigger than the MCC waiting list, carrying GWS on his enormous shoulders for the last two years can’t have been easy, but you have to love this truck. Arguably the best ruckman in the AFL, he inspires the young Giants with his physicality, and without him, you can’t see them winning too many games.   4. Jack Viney/Ziebell You’ve just got to love the way these two young Jacks go about their footy. Head over the ball, g...

6 Types of Sports Fans in Melbourne

[fusion_text]1) Everyday fan This is the fan who says to Dad: “Did you see Carli Lloyd’s David Beckham-esk goal in the WWC Final yesterday!” They really don’t know a whole lot but tune in every night to see what Tony Jones has to say about the sport. (At least for you, Bec Judd didn’t reject you on a BBQ invitiation).[/fusion_text][fusion_text] 2) Fantasy fan We all have that one friend who preps themself for the weekend, after spending hours and hours during the week just fine tuning his AFL dream team. These are the kind of guys who watch the footy, and praise their player when he kicks a clanger out on the full, just to grab that cheeky 3 points. These people annoy me, yes I understand it’s a competition and you want to win, but I don’t need to hear about Jordan Lewis’ 32 touches, 7 mar...

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