A glimmer of hope for Bill?

A glimmer of hope for the Labor Party Bill Shorten has reminded us he is in actual fact human and not a zinger-producing political robot. Footage has surfaced of him making, what seems to be an impromptu speech at a Sydney pub, just days before he was set to face the Royal Commission on union corruption. This footage was published just a day after the latest Fairfax opinion poll which shows that Shorten has the lowest approval rating since becoming leader of the opposition. With these poor opinion polls and the Royal Commission, Shorten is about to experience the most trying period of his political career. Some have suggested that these could be his last days as Leader of the Opposition. I contest that this is hyperbole; unless there are some highly malevolent findings and accusations thro...

The stupidity in cutting penalty rates

Currently the federal government has flagged discussion about cutting penalty rates due to the costs and inflexibility it provides for employers. The government believes this will strengthen the economy. As a third year environmental student I am here to tell you why this does not make sense from an economic perspective and how it will adversely affect university students. The federal government has discussed the idea of slashing penalty rates across all sectors. This means it could affect healthcare, construction and hospitality, for example. There is a very broad demographic of people who work in these industries. If penalty rates are cut invariably the working class will feel the effect the most. Penalty rates are a key platform for wealth redistribution. Wealth redistribution and socia...

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