INtergrate – Buses Closing the Gap

Jonathon O’Donnell, a fourth year veterinary science student is starting a non profit organisation called ‘INtergrate’. The project aims at injecting academics along with veterinary and agricultural science students into remote aboriginal communities. The initiative aims to promote health, continuing education and the self sufficiency of indigenous australians.  The project will run community drives such as pop up vet clinics, bush foods regeneration and the implementation of sustainable technologies. Read more and donate to the campaign here.

Standup Realities

I’ve wanted to be a comedian my whole life. When I was in primary school, we had a “Night of the Notables” where we all had to dress up as, and do a presentation on, our idol. I chose Eric Idle from Monty Python fame. I like to think that I chose him because of how much of an inspiration Monty Python was on me and not because his name is similar to “Idol”. I was also the only child in drag, which probably says something about who I am as a person. After high school, I lost all of my creativity and wasn’t feeling fulfilled. That’s when my friend signed me up for a stand up comedy night. At first, I loved it. Getting a laugh is such a huge rush and I wanted to chase that feeling. However, life got in the way and I forgot about stand up for a few years. When I got back into ...

Backpacking and having ‘cultural experiences’

Have you ever had that one friend who went backpacking around the world, then bragged about their ‘cultural experience’ to anyone who would listen when they came back?

The Activewear debate – yay or nay?

Activewear. Activewear everywhere. Getting groceries in your activewear? Yep. Getting brunch in your activewear? You bet. So are we for it or against it?

Bring in the summer bucket list

Summertime – where you kick butt-ket.

Thinking beyond exams to a road less travelled

With exams just around the corner, the stress of study and the impending doom of exams has the capacity to consume some students. Additionally, some are, or they will be, hounded with the inevitable questioning of what to do with all the time that they suddenly have on their hands over summer. Australians are very familiar with New Zealand, Bali, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Perhaps it’s time consider one of Australia’s often-forgotten neighbours as a source of distraction and adventure. The Kokoda Track between Kokoda and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea has an infamous place in Australia’s collective conscious. It was the closest Australia came to fighting on our own soil during World War II when the Japanese landed on the northern Papua New Guinean coast and began to make thei...

Girls on Film Festival – Jufl’s Top 3 Picks

Girls on Film Festival is a feminism extravaganza screening nonstop gal power gems this weekend in Brunswick East and, as promised, the 2015 program is a seriously respectable array from which to choose.

It’s the People That Make Footy Clubs

Sometimes, it only takes people to change places. In the space of 12 months, someone changed UHSVU Colts Football Club from laughing stock to VAFA Premiers. That someone was Marcus Butera.

REVIEW: Outsiders (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2015)

As part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Hobo Playhouse presents Outsiders, a social commentary on the homeless people of Melbourne’s streets, featuring brilliant young slam-poet Sam Hassel and the cast of the award winning comedy/drama Bums.

Get laid on Tinder – REAL RESEARCH

  Melbourne University Students produce Tinder research paper… We’ve got the results!   If you’re single and own a smartphone, chances are you’ve given Tinder a crack. And if you were one of the many trying to get laid as a result, read on… We’ve got SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH on the factors that influence your chances of getting lucky on Tinder. A gun group of Melbourne University commerce students have published a 15-page research paper on Tinder usage and the results may surprise you. Thanks to these jets we are able to present months of complicated econometrics models, research and testing in one short article. God bless their brains.   MORE LIKELY TO GET LAID ON TINDER Do the following! 1. Travelling Going travelling soon? Re download Tinder! The study shows that u...

My Week with Kim

From the first time I saw Kim Jong Il’s circular face splashed across the media I was intrigued by the socialist, dystopian society he was in command. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, or North Korea as it is commonly known to the outside world; was established after the Japanese Colonial Empire annexed the Korean Peninsula in 1910; and the Soviet Union occupied the area above the 38th parallel. North Korea remained a distant mystery to me until I watched Vice’s three part documentary series on the autocratic state which opened my mind to the potential of visiting the last remaining truly socialist regime; I was hooked. Travelling to North Korea was hot on my agenda and became a matter of when instead of if; with the sole entry point of Beijing an expensive 14 hour flight from Mel...

#Founded – Ep4 – Woodford SSC

Meet Christian, founder of Woodford SSC, the centre that optimises athletes for peak performance and takes their sporting abilities to the next level. He walks us through his business and gives an insight to what it’s like running a business and straight out of University. #Founded is a series that tells the story of Melbourne’s young Entrepreneurs and Founders. More and more young students are becoming interested in running their own business on the side of a University degree. Throughout this series we will introduce you to some of the students who have been successful in launching their own business or startup. Here you can find out exactly what it takes to run a business while still at Uni, and you’ll find out about new Melbourne businesses as a ...

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