SOUNDS LIKE – Anderson Paak, Stwo, Hiatus Kaiyote KAYTRANADA is back. Whether you’ve never heard of this hip-hop / R&B / house / soul fusing titan before or you’ve seen him set Boiler Room sessions alight, this guy can do it all. Just finding three artists who he sounds like was a genuine struggle for me, as he regularly produces tracks that span all of these genres and yet somehow retains an individual style that is easily identifiable throughout. ‘Bus Ride’ is taken from the Canadian’s new album 99. %, an exciting collection of 15 tracks that are n exciting insight into what this über-talented producer can do. Featuring some heavy hip-hop acoustic drums and jazzy horn interludes, listening to ‘Bus Ride’ will keep you firmly rooted in yo...

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Papa G and The Starcats – Manipulation (Live)

‘Manipulation’ is the opening track from The Starcats’ new live album, and with faced paced bass & guitar lines and an equally juicy horn section (saxophones aplenty = me likey) behind Amber Ferarro’s commanding vocals, this group has the layers of sound and soul needed to fill you up with nutritious musical goodness.


There aren’t many bands whose individual side projects make me froth at the mouth, but when the all-conquering Tame Impala’s drummer Jay Watson decided to channel his inner swagger into a solo alias ‘GUM’ and create beautiful funky fuzziness, I was hooked.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Tom Misch – Your Love (feat. Alexa Harley)

After a brief hiatus and a well publicised stint in rehab, Track of The Week is sober and clean and back for the Melbourne summer with a cracking release from up and coming British producer Tom Misch.

Listen OUT

Listen Out Festival took over the sunny Catani Gardens for one jam-packed Saturday last week, and with the help of Red Bull Australia and my Jufl counterparts I had the pleasure of donning my speed dealers and going undercover to see what all the fuss is about. Here is Jufl’s report card for Listen Out 2015.    THE MUSIC THUMBS UP Ryan Hemsworth – My big winner for the day. I’ve been waiting to see him live for a while now and he did not disappoint, playing a wide ranging set that moved from his recent hits to older produced classics and some killer remixes of Kanye West and Lorde in between. If you’re looking for someone to get downtempo-ish to while singing along and you know none of the lyrics then this is your guy, a super talent and a real pleasure.   Childish Gambino – He’s been grow...


Jufl has teamed up with Redbull to have a chat with Dizz1, producer and DJ, about his career and playing ListenOut 2015.

Kings – Fall In Fall Out

TRACK OF THE WEEK  Kings – Fall In Fall Out SOUNDS LIKE – Two Door Cinema Club, Temper Trap, San Cisco This week I’m taking a look at Kings, a group of indie rockers with a debut single that will make you want to test your voice’s limits and sing along up high. Really high – maybe try it on your own in the car before showing off. After listening to this, anyone who tells you that they wouldn’t enjoy forming a band and grooving out with a few mates on stage like these guys do is straight up talking shit. With the key ingredients of a modern indie band (drums, guitars and skinny jeans on tap), you could mistakenly think that Kings might then look and sound the same as many of the big bands surging into prominence today. What makes ‘Fall In Fall Out’ such a juicy nugget of cool is its a...

All For The Astor and The Astor For All

Film has become an integral part of Melbournian culture. Approaching its 80th anniversary is the Astor, a glittering jewel in the crown of St. Kilda’s east end, which has come to play a starring role in a growing constellation of alternative film venues in this great city. There is a banquet of cinematic appeal to be experienced in Melbourne, from food truck feasts at the Coburg drive in, to summertime open-air screenings on rooftops and in the royal botanical gardens with ever the merry bustle of folks hungry for some quality salubrious entertainment. The Astor Theatre is one of my favourite places in Melbourne. In the world, at that. However having spent more than half my life a mere five-minute amble away I may be biased. I remember meandering the oval mezzanine, tinkling away on the ol...

Andras and Oscar – What You Want

TRACK OF THE WEEK SOUNDS LIKE – Brame & Hamo, Wayne Snow, Dez Andrés Leading the way forward for Melbourne’s deep house scene recently is the pairing of young guns András Fox and Oscar Key Sung. Their new release is toe tapping, head bopping, cheeky grin-inspiring stuff, and like an itch worth scratching, you won’t be able to stop at listening to it once. Whether it’s the mellowed synth’s romantic chords, András’ infectious percussion riffs, or Oscar’s soulful vocal calls that go soaring above the incessant hi-hat beat, there’s always something catchy happening here to get hooked on. And with noticeably more thought put into the melodic production side of things, ‘(I Know) What You Want’ makes you do more than just dance along and cut shapes, but actually listen too. These guys a...

We Speak to Pitbull | Jufl

[fusion_text]ON THE COUCH WITH PITBULL The man, the myth, the legend. He’s been flying the flag for the bald latino 30-somethings of pop music for what feels like an eternity, prompting many to wonder ‘when it will all come to an end?’. Let’s hope it’s soon. I sat down for a chat with Mr. 305 and his translator, who assisted me with every second response seeing as ‘Mr. Worldwide’ now subconsciously rotates his speech to Spanish every 20 seconds or 6 “dalê”s (whichever comes first). Learn a few things as we speak to Pitbull.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]His fashion inspiration came from watching the first two seasons of ‘Australian Idol’. Every pop star has something iconic about their look, and for Pitbull it’s what puts him head and shoulders above the rest of the men his age dirty dancing w...

NAFASI – Window

TRACK OF THE WEEK SOUNDS LIKE – Alpine, Ryan Hemsworth, Little Dragon This is music made for sinking beers in the bath with your fully clothed mates. And if you can’t imagine enjoying that during uni holidays you need to loosen up a bit. Shut your eyes and tune in to this psychedelic groove and you’ll probably forget something really important. For me this tune is driven by how in sync everyone is with Tim Cox’s solid work on drums. You can’t sound loose as group without first being tight, and I can’t find a snippet of this track where these guys don’t well and truly have their shit together. Coasting from dreamy synth hits to crispy bass and guitar counter-melodies that echo behind Phoebe Webster’s vocals with ease, ‘Window’ keeps it downtempo and simple, at times feeling like it mi...

ESESE – Wonderland

TRACK OF THE WEEK SOUNDS LIKE – REMI, Chet Faker, DJ Cam Quartet Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Experience, wow. Their name may look like a mouthful but make no mistake, this new beat ‘Wonderland’ is so smooth it’ll melt in your mouth. Or ears. Definitely one of those. Headlined by the rhymes of Hancoq and the clean vocals of tenor Hudson James Jr., this collective of young musicians and producers showcase some remarkable individual talent and group cohesion. The electronic rhythm and bass are tight, always in sync with the jazz-infused horn lines, with the thick chord tones of the keyboards filling out the space while leaving something to the imagination. The instrumental version of this song would no doubt sound like something of a modern-day jazz ensemble, and as if to prove this ‘Wonde...

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