Backpacking and having ‘cultural experiences’

Have you ever had that one friend who went backpacking around the world, then bragged about their ‘cultural experience’ to anyone who would listen when they came back?

SneakerFeature – October

October is here; I’m done uni and need a real job. In the anticipation of some toasty October weather what better to do than restock your sneaker collection.

6 Types of Sports Fans in Melbourne

[fusion_text]1) Everyday fan This is the fan who says to Dad: “Did you see Carli Lloyd’s David Beckham-esk goal in the WWC Final yesterday!” They really don’t know a whole lot but tune in every night to see what Tony Jones has to say about the sport. (At least for you, Bec Judd didn’t reject you on a BBQ invitiation).[/fusion_text][fusion_text] 2) Fantasy fan We all have that one friend who preps themself for the weekend, after spending hours and hours during the week just fine tuning his AFL dream team. These are the kind of guys who watch the footy, and praise their player when he kicks a clanger out on the full, just to grab that cheeky 3 points. These people annoy me, yes I understand it’s a competition and you want to win, but I don’t need to hear about Jordan Lewis’ 32 touches, 7 mar...

#Founded – Ep2 – Inazuma

Meet Sarah, Mathilda and Samira – Co-Founders of Inazuma Shoes. They talk us through why they have started Inazuma and their plans for the future. We’re looking forward to what these girls do next! http://www.inazuma.bigcartel.com/ #Founded is a series that tells the story of Melbourne’s young Entrepreneurs and Founders. More and more young students are becoming interested in running their own business on the side of a University degree. Throughout this series we will introduce you to some of the students who have been successful in launching their own business or startup. Here you can find out exactly what it takes to run a business while still at Uni, and you’ll find out about new Melbourne businesses as a bonus! Video: Sam Perkins

7 Annoying People at the Library

There aren’t many places you can go these days to get a quiet timeout. Apart from the ever-increasing pressure on Uni students to get good grades, this is probably the reason finding a seat at the library is harder than studying itself. You finally find an empty seat on the silent level. After some final procrastination in setting up your books, filling your water bottle and taking one last glance at yours newsfeed, you’re finally ready to go. The next three hours you’re going to give those books your heart, soul and undivided attention! Then old mate Kevin across the table starts munching on his wasabi peas like fucking Bugs Bunny. Here are the 7 types of library douches that make you want to go back home, jump into bed and watch House of Cards. Loud headphones student Some people like li...

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