Backpacking and having ‘cultural experiences’

Have you ever had that one friend who went backpacking around the world, then bragged about their ‘cultural experience’ to anyone who would listen when they came back?

The Activewear debate – yay or nay?

Activewear. Activewear everywhere. Getting groceries in your activewear? Yep. Getting brunch in your activewear? You bet. So are we for it or against it?

Bring in the summer bucket list

Summertime – where you kick butt-ket.

The stupidity in cutting penalty rates

Currently the federal government has flagged discussion about cutting penalty rates due to the costs and inflexibility it provides for employers. The government believes this will strengthen the economy. As a third year environmental student I am here to tell you why this does not make sense from an economic perspective and how it will adversely affect university students. The federal government has discussed the idea of slashing penalty rates across all sectors. This means it could affect healthcare, construction and hospitality, for example. There is a very broad demographic of people who work in these industries. If penalty rates are cut invariably the working class will feel the effect the most. Penalty rates are a key platform for wealth redistribution. Wealth redistribution and socia...

Festival Survival Guide

For those of us who’ve made the journey to one of Australia’s big music festivals, you’ll know that the experience can leave you feeling like you’ve just copped a kick in the nuggets. Especially if you’re unlucky enough to cop an errant dancefloor kick in the nuggets. So grab your best (worst) party shirt and warm up your tent peg stealing fingers, this is Jufl’s guide on how to survive and thrive on your next big trip.   CHOOSING YOUR GETUP Make no mistake, a week with your mates will get stanky. So it’s important to pack some outfits that can cope with a week of both stains that you can explain and stains that you can’t. When it’s festival season you have a license to dress a little funky, but just because very little is off limits doesn’t mean the ‘no-dickhead policy’ doesn’t apply. For...

Nine types of exam procrastination

With exams and major assignments just around the corner there’s no doubt that us students will find as many ways as possible to avoid preparing for them. We are all guilty of setting out to smash a 2000 word essay and accidently tripping over on the way to your desk, landing on the couch, faced with no real option but to watch the TV screen in front of us. Procrastination is a special way of maintaining our student-to-student connection, so why not share our favourite ways to procrastinate?   The obvious: Make a List The best way to commence procrastination is to write down everything that needs to be done. This gets us feeling somewhat organized… and we will stretch out the list with irrelevant tasks for as long as possible, to avoid doing the relevant tasks at hand.   Procrasti...

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