Is LinkedIn turning into Facebook?

There has been a lot of fuss recently about LinkedIn “turning into Facebook”. The main reason behind this concern is the emphasised focus on publishing, and the emulation of Facebook’s newsfeed. Now, I agree that LinkedIn’s mobile newsfeed does mimic Facebook, but I don’t really blame them. It’s clean, it’s recognisable, and it works. The tl;dr of this article is: LinkedIn is what you make it. If you treat it like Facebook, it will act like Facebook. Up until recently, I too was concerned with the possibility of my LinkedIn newsfeed going rogue. A lot of us are fed up with the amount of time we spend on Facebook in comparison to the little value we get from the newsfeed. LinkedIn is a great option if you are looking for more professional content, b...

Building a 50m line with 2min noodles

What has O-week at Melbourne Uni taught me about marketing? Lines are good. Lines of people that is. O-week is the perfect opportunity to capture a fresh young audience who have been thrown into a new world of opportunity, learning and binge drinking. Clubs, societies, departments and businesses are all out in force to get those precious signups. I want to critically analyse the success of one particular campaign I saw, and that was Commonwealth Banks. In short, they were able to get a 50m long line with at least a half-hour wait. What were they lining up for? A chance to win some 2 minute noodles or some highlighters! I went up to some students in line and asked why they were lining up. Some of the responses: “To win some free stuff” “Not sure, everyone else is lining up...

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