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Eat 8bit – Melb Burger Review

Eat 8bit – Melb Burger Review

Nothing is more synonymous with a small population of humans attempting to create a hipster veneer while sticking to their white trash roots than the rise of the gourmet burger in Melbourne. But hey, we aren’t complaining. We get to experience something better than a large ultimate double whopper from Hungry Jacks.

Footscray is the latest suburb in Melbourne to experience gentrification, as young educated adults and uni students look for housing closer to city and push the local poorer groups further away. According to Wikipedia, Footscray is located 5km west of Melbourne and has a large Australian Vietnamese population. It is here we find our burger shop 8-Bit Burger, located at 8 droop street.

For those of you who haven’t been to Footscray’s main shopping area, you are greeted with Multicultural Australia, where a lot of shops are sprawled with foreign languages. 8-bit channels the traditional concept of serving burgers with their own, unique Asian twist.

The shop is really groovy, set up like an American dinner with homages to classic videogames like Pacman and Space invaders. To top it all off they play Biggie Smalls and other great hip hop artists underneath. I’m pretty sure one of the chefs even was related to Action Bronson, with long rattail and rotund exterior.

But to the burgers… I went straight to the “Double Dragon,” comprising of: double beef, double cheese, double bacon, pickles, mustard, lettuce and the secret 8 bit sauce. This was the most expensive burger on the list and cost me $13.50. I then went for a side of cheese and bacon fries topped with spring onion, which added 7 small ones to the damage. This brought the grand total to $20.50 if my maths and memory serves me veraciously. Now this is pretty normal for any pseudo-hipster burger joint, but if I’m dropping 20 bucks on a burger and chips I’m expecting to be filled. 8-bit did not disappoint. I was reasonably stuffed, and ready for a digestion nap immediately after.

Let me delve deeper into the burger itself. The paddy in your stock standard takeaway burger is usually so overcooked it tastes like you’re eating cardboard. However, the meat encapsulated by the Double Dragon was cooked to absolute perfection. Moist enough so I could fully enjoy the flavour, yet not so moist that it struggled to maintain its structural integrity. The mustard wasn’t overpowering and let you fully enjoy the other flavours. All of this was tied together by the magic ingredients of their 8-Bit special sauce.

The chips held up strong but weren’t as good as the burger. I felt it relied too much on the cheese which overpowered the bacon and chips. I would recommend getting them to share as eating these by your self can be a bit of a task. The spring onions were a great addition, drawing inspiration from the Asian shops surrounding it.

I can’t wait for next Monday when I get my centre link again and I can go back and try all the other delights they have on their menu, like chilli cheese fries, potato gems and milk shakes.

Gabe Addley


Image: Hendrick Manullang, Flickr Creative Commons

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