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Bring in the summer bucket list

Don’t think writing a bucket list is worth it? Think again.

Bring in the summer bucket list

Aah, the summertime – where beaches become mainstream and your instagram newsfeed is bombarded with #sunshine and #livinglife posts.

We can join them, sure, although why be one of those lazy people when you can actually get shit done?

Cue in the summer bucket list.

With the sun coming out to play, we should be too. But here at Jufl, we’re all about deviating from the norm and telling shit like it is.

So instead of telling what you should have in your bucket list, we’re given some creative-as-fuck ways to write it up.

1. Use an actual bucket.

Writing it all on a piece of paper? Pssh, that’s so 1989 (please don’t sue us for copyright Tay Tay).

Fill the bucket up with everything you love (read: anything that puts you in a sweet blissful food coma), and each time you achieve one, reward yourself with a treat.

2. Don’t look at it. Like, at all.

Remember the good ol’ days of One Tree Hill? No, just me then? Let’s recap – Lucas (aka Chad Michael Murray aka Hots McGee) would always write his bucket list at the beginning of the year and hide it in a brick wall, never to look at it again until the year was over.

Apply this tactic to your own bucket list; writing it up at the beginning of summer and only look at it again once the season is over. That way, you can feel better about yourself if you’ve achieved most of them, or it can be a wake up call of how unaccomplished you actually are, thus motivating you next summer.

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