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Backpacking and having ‘cultural experiences’

Backpacking...and why you shouldn’t brag about ‘cultural experiences’

Backpacking and having ‘cultural experiences’

Beware: rant and rage session happening in 3…2…1…

Have you ever had that one friend who went backpacking around the world, then bragged about their ‘cultural experience’ to anyone who would listen when they came back?

Sadly, we’ve all been there. And while most of us roll our eyes in jealous but envious contempt, take comfort in the fact most of their stories are probably complete and utter bullshit. Either that or, very very hyperbolic.

Sure, they may have seen some things that were eye opening or downright confronting to the soul, but it’s often mixed in with endless days of clubbing, drinking foreign drinks that will kill your liver, and having great sex without the next day commitment of a phone call.

With the abundance of travel blogs, #backpacking social media posts and endless how-to-travel-properly-and-not-die articles on news sites, it’s hard to get excited about listening to someone and how they’ve supposedly found themselves for the next two hours.

Honey, you haven’t found yourself. You’ve simply found out how you’d act (albeit outrageously) in foreign places. That’s all.

But don’t be completely disheartened, travel expats. Here’s a tip from people you’re going to be bragging to – we care more about the pretty photos than your stories. Please do us a favour and show us that instead.

So to all the backpackers about to come home to their loved ones, we say: please don’t brag about your travels. Most of us literally give zero fucks about it.


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