Author: Chris Perrott

5 Reasons sober nights fail

1. It’s supplied Unless you are of the lucky age where you are frequently being invited to 18th or 21st birthday parties, you will truly cherish the luxury of a supplied party. In fact, even if you are going to supplied parties on the regular, it’s bloody hard to turn down a free drink… or ten. You are able to resist temptation early in the night when everyone else is still reasonably sober. Howev...

5 Types of Annoying Social Media Users

  These days, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter seem to be dominated by puppy videos and bizarre posts from pages that you liked 4 years ago. However, the growing number of ‘feed-cloggers’ posting pointless updates are only making the situation worse. Here are some classic examples of annoying social media users:   Siblings that post on each other’s walls, despite being in ...

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