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ANZ first to support APPLE PAY

ANZ's hilarious new Apple Pay ad.

Apple Pay has come to Australia! We can now pay with our iPhone at any store that has tap capability (Paypass/Paywave).

Apple Pay launched in November last year, but only for American Express. Let’s be honest, other than high paid CEO’s and those who’ve been watching too much Suits, who actually uses AMEX?

Many doubted Apple’s ability to strike a deal with any of the big four banks, but just last week ANZ announced that all customers could now use Apple Pay! The pressure is on for the others to follow suit.

Check out this shitty quality video on a top quality product:

 Check out a tutorial on how to set it up here.

Why is Apple Pay so awesome?

  1.  It’s quick

Unlike other phone-payment solutions, you don’t have to press a single button when using the iPhone. Simply hold your phone near the reader with your thumb resting on the Touch ID pad.


  1. You can use your watch

Simply double tap the side button and your watch becomes your credit card.

watch pay

  1. You can use it online

You no longer have to enter your card details online.

Anything with this symbol will accept apple pay:


This is how it looks in Uber:

File 5-05-2016, 6 50 27 PM

  1. It’s safe

Apple Pay doesn’t actually send your details. It uses a special token protecting your details. Plus someone needs your fingerprint to make it work.

 apple pay tokens

Source: Y Media Labs

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