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6 Types of Sports Fans in Melbourne

6 Types of Sports Fans in Melbourne

[fusion_text]1) Everyday fan

This is the fan who says to Dad: “Did you see Carli Lloyd’s David Beckham-esk goal in the WWC Final yesterday!” They really don’t know a whole lot but tune in every night to see what Tony Jones has to say about the sport. (At least for you, Bec Judd didn’t reject you on a BBQ invitiation).[/fusion_text][fusion_text]

2) Fantasy fan

We all have that one friend who preps themself for the weekend, after spending hours and hours during the week just fine tuning his AFL dream team. These are the kind of guys who watch the footy, and praise their player when he kicks a clanger out on the full, just to grab that cheeky 3 points. These people annoy me, yes I understand it’s a competition and you want to win, but I don’t need to hear about Jordan Lewis’ 32 touches, 7 marks, 8 tackles and 2 goals. (Hey that’s not a bad game, 136 points).

3) Betting fan

I know a few of these guys, and I think I am one myself. It makes sport fun to watch, who wouldn’t want to watch something with the possibility of tripling your money just from it winning? The life of a better is full of ups and downs, just like sport. Yeah sometimes you win a couple of hundred a weekend, but lets be honest we will probably end up down eventually. (Unless you get the inside tips on the sailing. I never thought watching boats float in water could be so entertaining!) Ranging from the reckless better who goes $2.50 each way on the $5 favourite in a horse race to the guy who thinks his pockets are as deep as the Pacific.

4) Bandwagon fan

This is the guy that used to follow the Cavaliers, then started following the Heat, but now follow the Cavs again. Without doubt, these guys just follow the good teams/superstars. I follow the Western Bulldogs and the New York Knicks. If you want to add up the years between both teams’ last flag it would be, 103 years. Bandwagon? Probably not. The bandwagon fan probably doesn’t even know how the regular season goes, but when the finals/playoffs role around, its there time to shine.

5) Fan fan

Here’s how his year might pan out…
February: watches the Super Bowl, but not to see Beyoncé’s half time performance.
April: The footy’s back, yep, the footys back. Everyone’s happy.
July: Britain gets their limelight – Wimbledon, British Open & The Ashes.
August: How goods the Netball world cup.
September: Kills to have an MCC membership hey?
October: AFL grand final is enough, unless you like artistic gymnastics?
December: Boxing Day Test, nuff said.

6) Loyal fan

This is the guy who hasn’t missed a game in 10 years. They are hard to come by, but you need look at these guys and be impressed. Their team is their life. Someone that comes to mind is Joffa Corfe. Think Collingwood and a gold jacket if you’re lost.

Charlie Cross


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