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5 Types of Annoying Social Media Users

5 Types of Annoying Social Media Users


These days, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter seem to be dominated by puppy videos and bizarre posts from pages that you liked 4 years ago. However, the growing number of ‘feed-cloggers’ posting pointless updates are only making the situation worse. Here are some classic examples of annoying social media users:


Siblings that post on each other’s walls, despite being in the room next to them.

The common excuses for such pitiful public interactions include:

  • I couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed to go talk to them
  • They weren’t answering their texts so the only way I could reach them was on Facebook

What is wrong with sending them a private inbox?


Terrible Hacks

Posting off your friends account “I luv cock” is neither amusing nor clever. You will most likely find yourself rewarded with a measly 2 likes. Congrats.


Shares 6 videos a day

Okay, occasionally we all stumble across a video that we find funny enough that it is worthy of a share. But this person feels the need to share any video that can put a brief smile on their face. Keep going this way and you’ll find yourself with a healthy serve of the block treatment by many of your ‘friends.’


Commenting on friend’s old statuses

Again, it is possible that you may stumble across a hilarious old post from one of your friends and feel the need to bring it back into the feed; and this can often be understandable. BUT, liking/commenting on someone’s status from year 7 that reads “skipped school today :p” certainly does not fall into this category.



It is understandable that for the few die-hard clubbers that are regulars at the venues that they are promoting, it is a decent source of income. Same goes for those that can actually produce a witty and funny status week in week out and will likely be receiving rewards for effort they have put in to promoting the club. However, the YS that post cringe-worthy statuses for no reason other than to alarm everyone that they are a promoter. Please stop.

Chris Perrott


Image: Jason HowieFlickr Creative Commons

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